Top 10 Domain Registrars of 2017-2018

There are numerous best domain registrars and WordPress hosting companies available on the web, which offers various services like Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Web Designing, VPS servers hosting, Cloud Storage and Email services. Before registering a domain name, you must check out the key features of a registrar that are essential to make it the “best domain registrar among dozens of others.

GoDaddy is indeed the world’s largest registrar and undeniably one of the best in industry, and you can >> grab your first domain at just $1 <<
Key key features like Instant 24/7 technical support, Live chat facility, Reliability, Sustainability, Credibility, Security, Pricing, and Renewal rates determine the quality of a registrar. All popular and professional registrars offer mentioned features by default to grab more and more customers (or entice buyers to purchase their services).

If you find one who doesn’t care about these features, just leave and never buy anything from them. Before going ahead to the list of best domain name registrars 2017, I would like to share some information about domain names.

Web sites or blogs are a great way to create an online community worldwide. To access any website, we need a complete address of that site, which is also known as an URL address, domain name or website address. For example, if you want to open “Facebook” then you need the exact URL address of Facebook, which is or This unique address is known as “Domain Name” and this also represents an IP (Internet Protocol).

Remembering IP addresses of different websites is a tough job, so that is why Domain Name System (DNS) was introduced. The world first domain name was registered on 15 March 1985 with the name of [Symbolics Inc. by a computer firm]. Registering a domain name is not a big deal if you have necessary know-how, there are many best domain name registrars available, where you can easily buy your desired (if available) site name.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

Well, according to Wikipedia a domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain (gTLD) registry and/or a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registry. The management is done in accordance with the guidelines of the designated domain name registries.

If you search the query “domain registrar” in Google, you’ll see hundreds of domain service providers. Some are very expensive, and the others are quite cheap (Lowest and affordable in price). You can save some bucks by choosing the right one for registering your new website name. If you are new to the whole procedure of buying a domain name, then here is a complete guide for you.

The following registrars can help you save some money if you choose to register your new domain. They have good Online Reputation, Users satisfaction, Technical Support, and also up-voted by real users.

Best Domain Name Registrars Quick Summary

Company Name Rating
GoDaddy 9.5/10
NameCheap 9/10
 iPage  9/10
BlueHost 9/10
1and1 8.5/10
InMotion Hosting 8.5/10
HostGator 8/10 8/10 7/10
DreamHost 7/10

Domain Registrar Reputation

As there are many domain name registrar available to choose from but the important thing is, are they reputed, well-known, and thumbed up by the real users?

Many companies just start to make money without providing any value to their customers or demand money for services like technical support etc. In worst scenario, you may end up losing your site name. So, before choosing any domain name provider, check their credibility, business experience, real user ratings, and ICANN accreditation, etc.

Domain Prices

Most of the domain name sellers out there, offer immense introductory rates to new clients which help you save money. Few of them even cost only $0.01 or $1 for the first year and then standard renewal rates which are usually higher than the first payment. Mostly this tactic is used by those companies who offer insanely cheap domain registration for the first year, for instance; Godaddy.

Oppositely, some charges more money than industry standard rates for buying as well as renewals. So, compare domain registrars prices before making any decision for convenient and quality service.

Renewal Rates

You might fall in love with a company offering cheapest registration and may think it’s the perfect domain name provider but what about renewal prices?

Normally, in web hosting and domain industry, it’s a marketing strategy to gain more customer by giving huge discounts and charge more money at the time of renewal. So, you must double check the renewal prices before making any decision.

Customer Support

It is the most important thing when dealing with websites, a good domain name registrar always offer 24/7 customer support? It is highly recommended if they have live chat and call for assistance. The support quality can be determined by trying one of their supporting channels.

If they respond under five minutes via live chat or phone, then it’s quite acceptable and a green signal to buy domain name. You can also ask about other questions to know their user friendliness or behavior.

User Interface

An easy to navigate control panel not only help you save time but also good for setting things up such as domain/email forwarding, creating email addresses, modifying DNS configuration, and renewals, etc.

Luckily, all the best domain providers take care of this and offer user friendly management panel at least those I have listed here. So, I suggest you must choose any registrar to get easy to utilize control panel.

Automatic Renewal

This feature is optional and not essential if you regularly monitor your domain expiry date, but it can be a lifesaver for users having no time to do the same. When enabled an automatic renewal feature will extend your domain name life without your attention.

All you have to do is add at least one payment method having sufficient funds from which auto-renewal system will deduct the fees. Almost all the domain registrars have this functionality by default in their control panels.


Who don’t loves to get free stuff? You can avail freebies by picking the right place to register a domain name. There are few providers that offer free WHOIS Guard which help you hide personal information such as name, phone number, and email address from public access/spammers. You might be surprised to know that WHOIS privacy usually costs around $4~$10 per year.

Refund Policy

All the reputed domain sellers always take care of their clients by providing money back guarantee. It is also a good sign to identify if a domain name registrar is a legit business. Usually, you get a 3~7 day refund time on domain buying and 30 days or more on web hosting purchase – it varies.

So, GoDaddy is our recommendation, and you can even grab a 1 Year hosting for just Rs 1199/year along with a free domain and get an additional free dot desi domain on every annual WP hosting plan from –

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